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Nature Walk - July 16

You will find the bugs on their favorite plants.

Milkweed Beetles really live up to their name! They're all over the milkweed plant and so easy to find with their bright red color.

I also discovered a Goldenrod Leaf Beetle today, a little black and gold beetle.

In today's post you will see more awesome closeup insect photos, brand new colorful insects and my friend the Red Milkweed Beetle.

I am going to make these insect photos available for lineart coloring soon. Children and adults can have fun coloring the insects whatever color patterns they wish. It's especially relaxing to color patterns found in nature.

Ailanthus Webworm Moth (Atteva punctella)
Alianthus Webworm Wikipedia Page
Milkweed Beetle on Clothing Closeup

I let this one climb on my finger - then it flew onto my leg and I had the perfect photo opportunity before I put it back onto the Milkweed Plant

Goldenrod Leaf Beetle
Milkweed Beetle Facing Camera

"Look I'm on camera!"

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Created on July 16/2019

Nature Photos:

Close up photography from nature walks.
Featuring flowers, insects, pine cones, plants and more. Galaxy S8 Camera.

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This amazing Black Wasp Moth!

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White fluffy caterpillar and more.

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Sumach Pods, Pine Needles, Leaf Wallpaper etc.

3rd TUEJUL 2019

Ailanthus Webworm Moth, Goldenrod Leaf Beetle etc.

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White clover blooms, Japanese Beetles, Spikey Leaves etc.

2nd FRIJUL 2019

Red Admiral Butterfly, Japanese Beetle, Ants etc.

2nd TUEJUL 2019

Bee Pollinating, and wild flower blooms etc.

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