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Teasel Root Medicine

My journey with Teasel Herbal Medicine began while learning about local plants to forage. It is commonly used in Chinese Medicine for it's many healing properties. Warming, detoxification, toning the kidneys and liver, improving blood circulation, strengthening bones and ligaments and more! I started foraging for wild edible mushrooms and learning about useful plants in my local area. Forests, fields, meadows, creeks all contain abundant healing plants and fungus for human use. So I found a massive patch of Teasel in a local field near a forest, and was very excited to forage some. In addition to ordering some Teasel Root Tincture online, I harvested some local Teasel for myself.

Uprooting with Gratitude

Giving thanks for the life of the plant is an important part of the harvesting process. These are biennial plants that live for 2 years, so the first year plant is the ones we harvest. These little guys will never bloom. They will be used in plant medicine to benefit and heal, so their purpose is noble and honorable. Nevertheless gratitude is appropriate and thanking the plants is healthy. Pulling up the root feels like unplugging an ubilical cord from the soil, it's connection to the life source of earth's soil.


Week One

Within the first 4 days of drinking a daily cup on Teasel Root Tea, I felt increased warmth, circulation and energy. The detox cleansing process caused some light sweating and perspiration releasing some strong odor from armpit glands. The urine became lighter in color and odorless. This plant definitely has detox and cleansing properties that I felt quite fast. Using a moderate daily cup of tea. Each cup of tea was boiled and steeped using fresh roots. Not dried. After about 6 days of daily cup of tea, the armpits stopped releasing as many toxins and the stink was greatly reduced. This signfies to me that the initial cleanse of greater toxins only took about 1 week.

Week Two

I harvested another batch of roots and am continuing to drink a daily cup of root tea. I think this 2nd week will be mainly flushing out and completing a cycle of cleansing. Also increasing my water intake and time spent resting with a quiet mindful silence. Recharging and listening to my body. Healing what is broken is the Chinese meaning associated with this plant. ( Xu Duan ) and this is the intention I hope for in my relationship with this plant friend. I have bruised my wrist carpal bones a lot this summer with skateboarding and taking the brunt of falls on my hands. So I intend to improve bone repair and provide power to my structural elements. To assist them with repair with the help of Xu Duan.

Macro Nature Album

Macro Nature is a creative album inspired by nature photography. Each song focuses on a different aspect of nature close up. Created in the summer of 2018 under the artist alias Geohum.

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Babbling Brook

3 month old pine cones

The caption of these same pine cones 3 months ago was: "Nature is patient. It unfolds gradually and beauty can be found in every state."
How true this is as I now see they have only gotten darker in color and have not even started to open up yet.

See this same set of pine cones 3 months before:

They were green when this photo was taken on August 16, 2019.

Night time flower photos

Night flower photos using a soft translucent light source to create different lighting effects on flowers in the dark.

Ladybug walking on Pine Needle

This photo really captured the shiny texture of the Ladybug's shell, reflective and smooth.

Featured on Reddit /r/TinyUnits

The closer you look, the more you see.

These three photos focus on a set of three pine cones. I took notice of the amazing patterns and interesting shapes as I zoomed in closer, new details emerge.

Three Pine Cone Triangle
Three Pine Cone Triangle - Magnified
Center of Three Pine Cones - Double Magnified ( Green color overlay )

Nature is patient. It unfolds gradually and beauty can be found in every state.

What's the lesson? Nature is patient. But we humans only tend to appreciate the flower, but not the closed bud that must yet open. Or the green pine cone that is rock solid and tightly closed up. This makes me reflect on self-improvement and making progress towards goals and personal achievements. By imitating nature, patience will help us appreciate the growth we are making, and find beauty in new qualities that are blooming, although they are not yet complete flowers.

Green Pine Cones and Pine Needles
Magnified Pine Branch
Unfolding Bloom
Bloom Spikes

Cicada Shell

Creatures must abandon their shells as they grow.

First Cicada exoskeleton found this summer! It is always an impressive sight to find.

Black Wasp Moth

I sat on this bench for a while without noticing this Black Wasp Moth camouflaged in stealth mode!

Featured on Reddit /r/TinyUnits

Nature Walk - July 25

White Caterpillar White Caterpillar on Leaf
Japanese Beetle in Flower - with small wasp

This wasp wants to pollinate this flower, but the silly beetle is in his way. I don't know what the Beetle is trying to do, but he is taking the job of the little bee.

Sunlight behind clouds
Black Beetle

Nature Walk - July 18

Sumach Pods Closeup
Dry Pine Needles
Ivy Leaf Wallpaper

Great pattern for a computer wallpaper background!

Pine Sap #1
Cedar Buds

Nature Walk - July 16

You will find the bugs on their favorite plants.

Milkweed Beetles really live up to their name! They're all over the milkweed plant and so easy to find with their bright red color.

I also discovered a Goldenrod Leaf Beetle today, a little black and gold beetle.

In today's post you will see more awesome closeup insect photos, brand new colorful insects and my friend the Red Milkweed Beetle.

I am going to make these insect photos available for lineart coloring soon. Children and adults can have fun coloring the insects whatever color patterns they wish. It's especially relaxing to color patterns found in nature.

Ailanthus Webworm Moth (Atteva punctella)
Alianthus Webworm Wikipedia Page
Milkweed Beetle on Clothing Closeup

I let this one climb on my finger - then it flew onto my leg and I had the perfect photo opportunity before I put it back onto the Milkweed Plant

Nature Walk - July 15

More closeup macro photography from today's nature stroll.

A Pile of Japanese Beetles

Read more about the Japanese Beetle on Wikipedia

White Clover Blossoms

Nature Walk - July 12

Pay close attention to the small things and you will notice magnificent beauty.

Photography © 2019 - Galaxy s8 phone camera
The Japanese Beetle (Popillia Japonica)

It turns out this beetle is an invasive species here in North America. They quickly consume leaf matter and all that remains is the leaf vine structure like a leaf skeleton. They're very beautiful with shiny metallic green and copper wings. Especially unique are the 12 fur-like white tufts running along it's side.

Read more about the Japanese Beetle on Wikipedia

Insect fact sheet from Government of Canada
Red Admiral ( Vanessa atalanta )

Found this beautiful red admiral butterfly and got a close photo

Butterflies of Canada page

Nature Walk - July 9

Summer is back, and so are the wildflowers and bees doing their thing. I also got warned by a few Red Winged Blackbirds to stay away from their nesting tree! I shall respect your nesting space my aggressive territorial feathered friends. I understand you love your baby birds. But please don't peck my head!

Bee Pollinating Wildflower Closeup
Purple Wildflowers
Geohum Spiral Art

Album Reviews

Here I review my favorite electronic music albums and share my thoughts about what makes the album stand out from the others. Downtempo Chill and Dub Techno/House are my favorite genres. Along with ambient chillout psytrance and psychill.


Optical Flow - Motionfield

Optical Flow Cover

The Sound of Snow - Motionfield

Sound of Snow Cover

Loveology - Suduaya

Loveology Cover

Pentamerous Metamorphosis - Global Communication

Pentamerous Metamorphosis Cover

76:14 - Global Communication

76:14 cover

Techno / House

Marbled Dubs Vol 3 - Kirill Matveev

Marbled Dubs Cover

Los Lagos - Thomas Fehlmann

Los Logos Cover

Mind Field - Idealist

Mind Field Cover

Nature Photos

Close up photography from nature walks.
Featuring flowers, insects, pine cones, plants and more. Galaxy S8 Camera.

Nov 22/2019

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How much did these pine cones change in 3 months?

Aug 20/2019

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The closer you look, the more you see.

Aug 16/2019

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Unfolding nature is patient and beautiful!

Aug 07/2019

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This amazing Black Wasp Moth!

Jul 25/2019

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White fluffy caterpillar and more.

Jul 18/2019

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Sumach Pods, Pine Needles, Leaf Wallpaper etc.

Jul 16/2019

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Ailanthus Webworm Moth, Goldenrod Leaf Beetle etc.

Jul 15/2019

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White clover blooms, Japanese Beetles, Spikey Leaves etc.

Jul 12/2019

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Red Admiral Butterfly, Japanese Beetle, Ants etc.

Jul 09/2019

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Bee Pollinating, and wild flower blooms etc.



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