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Ladybug walking on Pine Needle

This photo really captured the shiny texture of the Ladybug's shell, reflective and smooth.

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The closer you look, the more you see.

These three photos focus on a set of three pine cones. I took notice of the amazing patterns and interesting shapes as I zoomed in closer, new details emerge.

Three Pine Cone Triangle
Three Pine Cone Triangle - Magnified
Center of Three Pine Cones - Double Magnified ( Green color overlay )

Cicada Shell

Creatures must abandon their shells as they grow.

First Cicada exoskeleton found this summer! It is always an impressive sight to find.

Black Wasp Moth

I sat on this bench for a while without noticing this Black Wasp Moth camouflaged in stealth mode!

Featured on Reddit /r/TinyUnits

Nature Walk - July 16

You will find the bugs on their favorite plants.

Milkweed Beetles really live up to their name! They're all over the milkweed plant and so easy to find with their bright red color.

I also discovered a Goldenrod Leaf Beetle today, a little black and gold beetle.

In today's post you will see more awesome closeup insect photos, brand new colorful insects and my friend the Red Milkweed Beetle.

I am going to make these insect photos available for lineart coloring soon. Children and adults can have fun coloring the insects whatever color patterns they wish. It's especially relaxing to color patterns found in nature.

Ailanthus Webworm Moth (Atteva punctella)
Alianthus Webworm Wikipedia Page
Milkweed Beetle on Clothing Closeup

I let this one climb on my finger - then it flew onto my leg and I had the perfect photo opportunity before I put it back onto the Milkweed Plant

Nature Walk - July 15

More closeup macro photography from today's nature stroll.

A Pile of Japanese Beetles

Read more about the Japanese Beetle on Wikipedia

White Clover Blossoms

Nature Walk - July 12

Pay close attention to the small things and you will notice magnificent beauty.

Photography © 2019 - Galaxy s8 phone camera
The Japanese Beetle (Popillia Japonica)

It turns out this beetle is an invasive species here in North America. They quickly consume leaf matter and all that remains is the leaf vine structure like a leaf skeleton. They're very beautiful with shiny metallic green and copper wings. Especially unique are the 12 fur-like white tufts running along it's side.

Read more about the Japanese Beetle on Wikipedia

Insect fact sheet from Government of Canada
Red Admiral ( Vanessa atalanta )

Found this beautiful red admiral butterfly and got a close photo

Butterflies of Canada page

Nature Walk - July 9

Summer is back, and so are the wildflowers and bees doing their thing. I also got warned by a few Red Winged Blackbirds to stay away from their nesting tree! I shall respect your nesting space my aggressive territorial feathered friends. I understand you love your baby birds. But please don't peck my head!

Bee Pollinating Wildflower Closeup
Purple Wildflowers

Nature Photos:

Close up photography from nature walks.
Featuring flowers, insects, pine cones, plants and more. Galaxy S8 Camera.

4th FRINOV 2019

How much did these pine cones change in 3 months?

3rd TUEAUG 2019

The closer you look, the more you see.

3rd FRIAUG 2019

Unfolding nature is patient and beautiful!

1st WEDAUG 2019

This amazing Black Wasp Moth!

4th THURJUL 2019

White fluffy caterpillar and more.

3rd THURJUL 2019

Sumach Pods, Pine Needles, Leaf Wallpaper etc.

3rd TUEJUL 2019

Ailanthus Webworm Moth, Goldenrod Leaf Beetle etc.

3rd MONJUL 2019

White clover blooms, Japanese Beetles, Spikey Leaves etc.

2nd FRIJUL 2019

Red Admiral Butterfly, Japanese Beetle, Ants etc.

2nd TUEJUL 2019

Bee Pollinating, and wild flower blooms etc.

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