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Atmoteka - Drum and Bass

The drums and the atmospheric pads are really beautiful and the mixes capture that old school drum and bass nostalgic sound vibe!

Channel Description:

Atmoteka is a project that has come to existence through and because of deep and authentic adoration of atmospheric dnb. A radio show in the past, now a series of monthly podcasts/mixes brought to you on every first Sunday of each month. Each subsequent mix will be recorded especially for atmoteka by a special guest closely involved with atmospheric dnb – be it today or in the past.


Cutting edge Autonomic Drum & Bass artist. Fresh beats and positive smooth melodies with powerful basslines.

Past Lives Album

One Hundred Steps EP

Label: Blu Mar Ten


My goto Ambient music artist from Sweden. All of his discography is beautifully produced and pleasantly warm in both melody and rhythms.

I think the main defining characteristics of Motionfield is calmness, allowing for quiet meditation. Yet still the tracks feature subtle drums and swishy air pressure sounds that tickle the ear.

Favorite Track: Midnight Metro from Optical Flow

So peaceful, I can envision sitting on a bus at night, looking out the window. Feeling so calm on way to my destination. A song I reach for when needing calm mind and solitude.

Album Reviews


Suduaya is a french guitarist and producer (Melodic Psytrance and Downtempo). After many years working on different bands (heavy metal, rap, ethno/world/fusion) he released in 2011 his first psytrance track on the Klopfgeister’s compilation “Stand up against gravity” (Iono Music). He joined Altar Records with his album “Dreaming Sun” (September 2011), followed by “Unity” which came out in 2013

I think the main defining characteristics of SUDUAYA are well chosen notes, powerfully subtle drums and overall positive healing vibes.

Favorite Track: Stellar Rebirth

All elements just seem to come together to unify into a song of beauty that is very rare - the exhaling sounds - the female vocal sample and the sublime beauty of the melody. Then add the groove of the drum beat and you have pure bliss.

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Zoltan Ban

Certainly in my top 5 deep dub techno artists!

Favorite Track: Dragonfly

Lustrum Preview clip

DJ Deekaa

I am really loving this deep house DJ from Germany lately. Smooth mixes every Friday. I will continue to follow DJ Deekaa as they release weekly mixes.

Global Communication

Latest ambient mix - by Tom Middleton

Warp 69 - Natural High ( Global Communication Remix )

Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton have pumped out a lot of highly acclaimed ambient and downtempo electronica since the 90's. I have always been a huge fan of Global Communcation since I first heard 76:14 a few decades ago.

I think the main defining characteristics of Global Communication are beautifully arranged melody, uplifting emotion and uniquely designed drum patterns.

All time favorite

La Soleil Et La Mer is my all time favorite song by Global Communication. The synth melodies are very warm and pleasant and the unique drum timing has a hypnotic effect.

Geohum Spiral Art

Album Reviews

Here I review my favorite electronic music albums and share my thoughts about what makes the album stand out from the others. Downtempo Chill and Dub Techno/House are my favorite genres. Along with ambient chillout psytrance and psychill.


Optical Flow - Motionfield

Optical Flow Cover

The Sound of Snow - Motionfield

Sound of Snow Cover

Loveology - Suduaya

Loveology Cover

Pentamerous Metamorphosis - Global Communication

Pentamerous Metamorphosis Cover

76:14 - Global Communication

76:14 cover

Techno / House

Marbled Dubs Vol 3 - Kirill Matveev

Marbled Dubs Cover

Los Lagos - Thomas Fehlmann

Los Logos Cover

Mind Field - Idealist

Mind Field Cover

Nature Photos

Close up photography from nature walks.
Featuring flowers, insects, pine cones, plants and more. Galaxy S8 Camera.

Nov 22/2019

view gallery

How much did these pine cones change in 3 months?

Aug 20/2019

view gallery

The closer you look, the more you see.

Aug 16/2019

view gallery

Unfolding nature is patient and beautiful!

Aug 07/2019

view gallery

This amazing Black Wasp Moth!

Jul 25/2019

view gallery

White fluffy caterpillar and more.

Jul 18/2019

view gallery

Sumach Pods, Pine Needles, Leaf Wallpaper etc.

Jul 16/2019

view gallery

Ailanthus Webworm Moth, Goldenrod Leaf Beetle etc.

Jul 15/2019

view gallery

White clover blooms, Japanese Beetles, Spikey Leaves etc.

Jul 12/2019

view gallery

Red Admiral Butterfly, Japanese Beetle, Ants etc.

Jul 09/2019

view gallery

Bee Pollinating, and wild flower blooms etc.



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