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Album Review

Optical Flow by Motionfield

Another hit album by Swedish artist Motionfield! Following the delightful pattern of all his albums, cannot find any fault with them. Purely peaceful and groovy, soft and pleasant allowing you to drift away in imagination and freeflowing thoughts.

You never have to worry about sudden loud or disturbing sounds, or any irritation caused by abrasive samples or any bothersome harshness. You can play while sleeping any be assured of consistently quiet and palatable music that is always calming. Favorite Track from Optical Flow: Midnight Metro

Visit Motionfield Artist Page

The Sound of Snow

Very thoughtful album, full of rich textures and warm swooshy sounds. Perfect to put on quietly at bedtime or for just relaxation.

The songs all blend perfectly and create a soft calming journey with gentle rhythms and brushy drum patterns.

Favorite Track is: The Sound of Snow 3 - Ethereal keys and beautiful melody with a steady soft groove!! Amazing track.

Loveology by SUDUAYA

Cream of the crop Melodic Psytrance & Downtempo

Special mention on this five star album! This clearly makes the cut to be in my top 3 favorite albums. As the title suggests - Love is weaved into the sonic fabric of this album. Absence of dark. Glowing brightness and positivity is the message clearly communicated through beautiful musical vibrations. Each song is a healing and soothing journey which carries the listener to a peaceful space. A place to think, a space to move and dance, a place to meditate and recharge. The uplifting effect of Suduayas music is unmistakable. His ability to combine digital instruments with outstanding guitar strumming is amazing and generates a unique signature sound.

Favorite Track: Stellar Rebirth

Really hard to choose because I love them all!
All elements just seem to come together to unify into a song of beauty that is very rare - the exhaling sounds - the female vocal sample and the sublime beauty of the melody. Then add the groove of the drum beat and you have pure bliss.

Marbled Dubs Vol.3 by Kirill Matveev

Another outstanding compilation release presented by Kirill Matveev on MixCult Records. This album lives up to its name with dense marbled textures and soundscapes. A beautiful journey into Dub Techno that leaves nothing to be desired. I love the marbled cover artwork as well, which really sets the stage for an oily smooth sonic experience. Highly recommended album!

Pentamerous Metamorphosis

This one brings the freshest chill beats along with the atmospheric melodic. A timeless classic. The artist spotlight yesterday got me searching for old Global Communication albums and this one definitely deserves a fresh listen.
This album is such a rare and valuable classic that the CD is currently selling for around $400 CDN and the Vinyl Record for over $700 CDN! I owned a CD copy that I purchased new in 1993 but now I'm kicking myself I didn't hold onto it.

Some web comments and reviews

"Still in awe of this over 20 years on. A staggering, life affirming, awe inspiring classic. Loved it then, love it now. Brilliant"

"so glad to hear this again- just brilliant, brilliant music."

"Special production. Delicate and rich."

"if i could rate this album higher than five stars i would rate it 500 stars! ive had this album for over a year now. and i still listen to it a lot! the music never gets old, in fact im listening to it now as i type this lol"

"A great reprsentation of how dynamic, emotional and moving good electronic music can be. Especially important in this day and age of techno where things are a bit too focused on the dancefloor. I mean, how many dance records hold up to repeat listenings at home?"

[ Reviews partially quoted from Youtube and Amazon for the purpose of emphasizing the positive feedback on this album. ]
Pentamerous Metamorphosis on Discogs

76:14 - Global Communication

All songs on "76:14" by Global Communication were truly a masterpiece of downtempo beats and ambient. Arranged and crafted in such a way as to transport the listener through a sublime audio experience. Just as the GC "Ear" logo indicates, it's all about listening and experiencing. There are no track names or album name. It simply used the track length as the title. What was the idea behind this? See quote box: "Why no track names?"

Why no track names?

“Use your imagination. Numbers are chosen to identify separate tracks because ‘names’ tend to bias the listener by pre-defining images, places and feelings. This gives the listener the freedom of imagination to derive whatever he/she wishes from the music.”

I think that's a super cool concept - because we must admit that song names DO influence our perception of the song itself. However it does make it harder to refer to the specific song!

Opening with a classical sound - and then the tick-tock clock ticking sound starts! Beckoning you to the sound journey ahead.

Global Communication - 76:14 on Discogs

Los Lagos - Thomas Fehlmann

As a seasoned master who previously worked with The Orb, Thomas Fehlmann really created a timeless masterpiece album here. Every song manages to be constantly evolving yet repetitious and looping at the same time. The songs feel as though they were live sets, tweaking knobs and bringing continuously changing variety to synth instrumentals.
The rhythms stand out because they're far from overly quantized and they have very unique swing tempos and offsets.
Yet perhaps the most outstanding feature of this album is the detuned synth stabs and bass. Thomas is not afraid to blast out frequent off key stabs and synths. Achieving a "talking" effect as though the electronic synth was speaking like a human. However surprisingly the off key synths do not cause melodic disharmony, but rather a new organic harmony emerges. Each song is a techno journey that has a very living and present character. A must have for those who collect and appreciate electronic music.

Mind Field - Idealist

Idealist is the ideal dub techno! Love this Mind Field album since the day I bought the digital download. The tracks never get old and they always deliver new details with each listen. Each song grows and progresses nicely for an upbeat journey into dub techno.

Checkout Album on Boomkat
Geohum Spiral Art

Album Reviews

Here I review my favorite electronic music albums and share my thoughts about what makes the album stand out from the others. Downtempo Chill and Dub Techno/House are my favorite genres. Along with ambient chillout psytrance and psychill.


Optical Flow - Motionfield

Optical Flow Cover

The Sound of Snow - Motionfield

Sound of Snow Cover

Loveology - Suduaya

Loveology Cover

Pentamerous Metamorphosis - Global Communication

Pentamerous Metamorphosis Cover

76:14 - Global Communication

76:14 cover

Techno / House

Marbled Dubs Vol 3 - Kirill Matveev

Marbled Dubs Cover

Los Lagos - Thomas Fehlmann

Los Logos Cover

Mind Field - Idealist

Mind Field Cover

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