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I play piano and make music on my computer. Having fun as an amateur music hobbyist. I make music using Bandlab software and mix on VirtualDJ. Many of my playlists come from music I discovered and purchased on Bandcamp. I think it's important to support artists by buying their music to show appreciation for their hard work and also get the good quality download to use in mixing. I would like to do some t-shirt prints of my digital math artwork, hopefully in the near future I can get some t-shirts made because the math art would look amazing on black.

I release music under the alias JupiterNext because I like next level avant garde stuff. Not a big fan of 'mainstream'. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and exerts a strong gravity. Similarly I like music that has an emotional impact, energizing or calming. The universe is awesome and full of wonder. Also the username wasn't taken. lol

Albums/Artists: I feature my goto albums and artists who have been sources of inspiration and enjoyment.

Nature Photos: Nature refuels me, restoring energy and charging up my power. Appreciating the beauty and fantastic patterns. These days a quiet walk in nature can be an incredible source of healing and restoration. Especially because this generation seems to be technology obsessed, it is good and healthy to enjoy peaceful walks in nature. Stop to smell the flowers.

Updated on October 22/2019



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JupiterNext creative blog of music, art and nature