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Suduaya is a french guitarist and producer (Melodic Psytrance & Downtempo). After many years working on different bands (heavy metal, rap, ethno/world/fusion) he released in 2011 his first psytrance track on the Klopfgeister’s compilation “Stand up against gravity” (Iono Music). He joined Altar Records with his album “Dreaming Sun” (September 2011), followed by “Unity” which came out in 2013

I think the main defining characteristics of SUDUAYA are well chosen notes, powerfully subtle drums and overall positive healing vibes.

Favorite Track: Stellar Rebirth

All elements just seem to come together to unify into a song of beauty that is very rare - the exhaling sounds - the female vocal sample and the sublime beauty of the melody. Then add the groove of the drum beat and you have pure bliss.

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Created on July 18/2019
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