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Album: Scyiant & Cosmic Frog

This 2 track album features two minimal techno tracks. The Cosmic Frog sits on the Geometric Lilypad. I hope to do a limited vinyl press of these 2 songs someday.

Album: DNB 2019 - Life Goes on and Subterra

Violet Dream - Ambient Piano

This song started out as a classical ambient piece for relaxation and sleep. Then I realized it was the exact melody from a Song I composed in my early teens. I started with the ambient dream void, and as I added layers I realized it was in perfect harmony with my childhood song. So Violet Dream was born.

Oct 10 Mixes on Mixcloud

Part One - Drum & Bass with Downtempo outtro Part Two - Dub Techno/Electronic/House
Created on October 11/2019
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