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Pentamerous Metamorphosis

This one brings the freshest chill beats along with the atmospheric melodic. A timeless classic. The artist spotlight yesterday got me searching for old Global Communication albums and this one definitely deserves a fresh listen.
This album is such a rare and valuable classic that the CD is currently selling for around $400 CDN and the Vinyl Record for over $700 CDN! I owned a CD copy that I purchased new in 1993 but now I'm kicking myself I didn't hold onto it.

Some web comments and reviews

"Still in awe of this over 20 years on. A staggering, life affirming, awe inspiring classic. Loved it then, love it now. Brilliant"

"so glad to hear this again- just brilliant, brilliant music."

"Special production. Delicate and rich."

"if i could rate this album higher than five stars i would rate it 500 stars! ive had this album for over a year now. and i still listen to it a lot! the music never gets old, in fact im listening to it now as i type this lol"

"A great reprsentation of how dynamic, emotional and moving good electronic music can be. Especially important in this day and age of techno where things are a bit too focused on the dancefloor. I mean, how many dance records hold up to repeat listenings at home?"

[ Reviews partially quoted from Youtube and Amazon for the purpose of emphasizing the positive feedback on this album. ]

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Created on February 03/2019
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