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Loveology by SUDUAYA

Cream of the crop Melodic Psytrance & Downtempo

Special mention on this five star album! This clearly makes the cut to be in my top 3 favorite albums. As the title suggests - Love is weaved into the sonic fabric of this album. Absence of dark. Glowing brightness and positivity is the message clearly communicated through beautiful musical vibrations. Each song is a healing and soothing journey which carries the listener to a peaceful space. A place to think, a space to move and dance, a place to meditate and recharge. The uplifting effect of Suduayas music is unmistakable. His ability to combine digital instruments with outstanding guitar strumming is amazing and generates a unique signature sound.

Favorite Track: Stellar Rebirth

Really hard to choose because I love them all!
All elements just seem to come together to unify into a song of beauty that is very rare - the exhaling sounds - the female vocal sample and the sublime beauty of the melody. Then add the groove of the drum beat and you have pure bliss.

Created on February 13/2019
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