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Los Lagos - Thomas Fehlmann

As a seasoned master who previously worked with The Orb, Thomas Fehlmann really created a timeless masterpiece album here. Every song manages to be constantly evolving yet repetitious and looping at the same time. The songs feel as though they were live sets, tweaking knobs and bringing continuously changing variety to synth instrumentals.
The rhythms stand out because they're far from overly quantized and they have very unique swing tempos and offsets.
Yet perhaps the most outstanding feature of this album is the detuned synth stabs and bass. Thomas is not afraid to blast out frequent off key stabs and synths. Achieving a "talking" effect as though the electronic synth was speaking like a human. However surprisingly the off key synths do not cause melodic disharmony, but rather a new organic harmony emerges. Each song is a techno journey that has a very living and present character. A must have for those who collect and appreciate electronic music.

Created on January 25/2019
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