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76:14 - Global Communication

All songs on "76:14" by Global Communication were truly a masterpiece of downtempo beats and ambient. Arranged and crafted in such a way as to transport the listener through a sublime audio experience. Just as the GC "Ear" logo indicates, it's all about listening and experiencing. There are no track names or album name. It simply used the track length as the title. What was the idea behind this? See quote box: "Why no track names?"

Why no track names?

“Use your imagination. Numbers are chosen to identify separate tracks because ‘names’ tend to bias the listener by pre-defining images, places and feelings. This gives the listener the freedom of imagination to derive whatever he/she wishes from the music.”

I think that's a super cool concept - because we must admit that song names DO influence our perception of the song itself. However it does make it harder to refer to the specific song!

Opening with a classical sound - and then the tick-tock clock ticking sound starts! Beckoning you to the sound journey ahead.

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Created on February 01/2019



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