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Math Geometric Parallels in Human Body

Flower of Life Shape
27 spheres - 3d flower of life

27 Spheres in the Flower of Life Shape

One amazing thing about the flower of life is that in 2d it's drawn with 19 circles. But in 3d it's 27 spheres, 19 in view, with 8 hidden behind.
3 cubed is 27
27 makes sense because it's digital root is 9. Which is the Aether, the divine cosmos of unchangeable energy. You can't change 9. No matter if you divide it or multiply it, the result always reduces to 9. The power of 9 is found in both geometry and sound frequency. All the degrees of measurements of platonic solids are always 9. Therefore playing the vibration frequency of the equivalent notes are always in perfect harmony with each other.
Geometry plays the perfect harmonious symphony of life

Total Degress of Angles in Shapes

2 dimensional
Degrees on the face
Triangle = 180°
Circle = 360°
Square = 360°
3 dimensional
Degrees on 1 face, times the number of faces.
Tetrahedron = 180 * 4 = 720°
Octahedron = 180 * 8 = 1440°
Cube = 360 * 6 = 2160°
Icosohedron = 180 * 20 = 3600°
Dodecahedron = 540 * 12 = 6480°
If you play those degrees as Hertz Freqency Notes - you will find they all sound in beautiful harmony.

27 Bones in Human Hand

27 bones in human hand

Geometric Parallel
Also the human hand has 27 bones! 3 cubed. Same number as the 3d flower of life. 19 visible bones in the upper hand, and 8 hidden bones inside the wrist carpals. We certainly are made in Divine Image. A fractal of math perfection, a walking demonstration of perfect geometry! A masterpiece of Golden Phi Ratios!

26 Foot Bones = 52 Weeks

26 Foot Bones

Time Parallel
Our feet have 26 bones each, making 52 bones combined in both feet. ( 26 * 2 ) Same as number of weeks in an Earth Year.

24 Ribs = 24 Hours

24 ribs

Time Parallel
We have 24 ribs, 12 on each half of our rib cage. It becomes obvious to parallel this number with 24 hours in one Earth Day. 12 in each cycle around the clock.

The more you examine the human body the more you will find these amazing math parallels as relating to our Planet Earth. Time and space dimensions.


Infinity is a difficult concept for any human mind to comprehend. These 2 songs are inspired by the unfathomable reality of eternity of time and space. We can relate to the eternal by being still and noticing cycles of nature that are slow and ever repeating. Noticing our own consciousness which is constructed in divine image. Our heart. Our emotion. Our love.

Shorter version with stronger rhythm and drum beats.

Long ambient version with softer drum beats

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